50 Strategies for Self-Care

Earlier this week, I shared tips on hitting the reset button in the "new year". In that article, I stressed the importance of taking care of yourself.  Scheduling in rest and relaxation is essential to a healthy, fulfilling life.  Late nights, takeaway, and 80 hour weeks may "work" in the short term, but that pace is not sustainable.   We all need to take time out to recharge our batteries to ensure career longevity.  Quality rest is important to your mental and physical health.  

Below are 50 of my favorite ways to unwind that don't involve a ton of technology.

- Go for a walk
- Have a dance party
- Move all of the furniture in your room to a different location (you may need to enlist a friend!)
- Go for a run
- Play with your pet
- Build something
- Plant something
- Clean out your closets  

- Color
- Take a photograph
- Make a movie
- Make a happiness playlist
Make a soothing senses kit
- Draw on the pavement with sidewalk chalk
- Rewrite the lyrics to your favorite song
- Sing! 

- Cook a healthy meal
- Take a shower
- Brush your teeth
- Just step outside
- Get a haircut
- Paint your nails
- Take a nap
- Take a bath
- Smile
- Light a candle 

- Read a book
- Take a class online
- Go to the library
- Listen to a Podcast
- Listen to music
- Visualize your favorite place in the world using your 5 senses
Do a grounding exercise

- List of 5 things you have accomplished in your life (big or small)
- List 7 things you are grateful for
- List 10 things you like about yourself
- List all of the people who inspire your

- Pray
- Call a friend
- Meditate
- Volunteer
- Send a card to someone just because
- Donate something
- Go to your place of worship
- Tell someone a joke
- Teach someone to do something
- Play a board game
- Unplug. Go technology free and connect to yourself and people IRL.  
- Ask for help

I want to hear from you! What are your favorite ways to unwind at the end of the day?