Episode 03: 4 Strategies to Push Past Perfectionism and Do Your Most Important Work.

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Welcome back podcast people! In this week’s episode I’m sharing about one of my favorite love/hate subjects. I’m breaking down some of my favorite strategies for pushing past perfectionism to do the work you were called to do.

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Key Take Aways

The World Wants to Hear From You

“Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams. The world needs that special thing that only you have.” — Marie Forleo

You have something special to share with the world. Don’t let the fear of not being perfect hold you back from creating the thing that you are supposed to give to the world.

Just Start

Use “little by little” exposure techniques to practice being uncomfortable and build confidence. Slowly escalate the difficulty or risk of the tasks you are doing to move toward your ultimate goal.

Dig Deep

Why do you fear not being perfect? What thoughts or feelings are really holding you back from starting? What’s the worst that could happen? Could you withstand that? Remember, you can do hard things.

Be encouraged by your hero’s failures

Realize that you aren’t alone. Even people that you think are AMAZING are not perfect, and they worry that they aren’t good enough. Everyone feels like they aren’t “good enough” every once in a while. You can read more about imposter syndrome HERE.

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Hey! I'm Samantha Osborne, a board certified counselor and host of the Creative Psych Podcast.  I launched this show to help people just like you move from stuck to free.  Want to connect? Come say hello on Instagram or email me at samantha@samanthamichelleosborne.com. It makes my day to hear from listeners!