Episode 05: Thriving in All Seasons of Business

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Key Takeaways

Acknowledge the season that you are in and behave accordingly.  

Just like the farmer doesn’t plant in the middle of winter, we aren’t serving ourselves by fighting business’ natural rhythms.  

If you are in the holiday rush, launching a new product, photographing tons of weddings, or on boarding new clients, it’s best to acknowledge that is the season you are in and adjust your behavior to support a stretch in workload.

If you are taking time off, in a slower time of the year, or  booking fewer clients, acknowledge that and rest, tend to home projects you've delayed, or take a vacation.

Go with the flow

If you are in a busy season….

Remember, you are in this season by choice.

Acknowledging your choice in the midst of the business will allow you to see the options you have to support yourself and your workload.

Tell someone you are busy (and what they can expect)

If you are in a busy season, important people in your life should be aware of that and aware of what you need and what you will or won’t be doing
Resource: “Finish” by Jon Acuff

Hire Help (personally or professionally)

We can’t make more time, but we can expand our capacity by hiring out tasks or creating systems using apps or other technology. What are you doing that is draining your time? What do you do over and over again? Could any of these tasks be hired out or systemized?

Put Off New Ideas

If you find yourself procrastinating or getting distracted by your next big idea, schedule it into the calendar for the future. It will be waiting for you when you slow down.

Say No.

Saying no to something good, allows you to say yes to something great. Your calendar is a zero, sum game. If you say yes to something that means you are saying no to something else. Think carefully about your yes.

Continue to Take Care of Yourself

Just because you are busy doesn’t mean that you can ignore your own health and well being. You still need to take care of yourself if you want to make it through a busy season with energy to enjoy a time of rest and dormancy. Set regular office hours, prioritize sleep and fuel your body well.

If you are in a slow season….


Seriously, rest. Take a vacation. Restructure your office hours to accommodate a slower pace. Embrace the season you are in.

Make Adjustments for the Busy Season Ahead.

Use the slow season to gain additional education, hire employees, revamp your website or develop systems to support busier seasons.

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