Episode 06: Move Forward with Your Biggest Goals (The Change Process)


In this weeks’ episode we are diving into the change process. We are talking about all of the stages that we go through when we change, and what we can do to ensure that we keep moving forward on the goals that matter most.

Stages of Change is part of the Transtheoretical Model developed by Prochaska & DiClemente. You can read more about their model here.

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Key Takeaways

Stages of Change


In this stage of change, you are unaware of a need for change. You do not directly connect your consequences with your actions.

Action Step:

The goal in this stage is to raise awareness of your need to change. This may be difficult to do on your own, and you will likely need to enlist help. If you have been struggling with a problem or symptom for a long time, ask a friend, coach or therapist to point out patterns or connect dots that you might not see for yourself.


This stage is characterized by ambivalence. You are aware that your actions are leading to undesired consequences, but you are unsure if the risks of change are worth the benefits.

Action Step:

The goal in this stage is to resolve ambivalence. You can do this by conducting a simple activity. Draw a grid and write in “Pros of Changing”, “Cons of Changing”, “Pros of Staying the Same” , “Cons of Staying the Same”.

To tip the scales toward change, focus on the what you will gain from changing and what you will loose from staying the same.


This is the research stage of the change process. Here you are attempting to learn everything that you can before taking the next step.

Action Step:

Here we want to focus on equipping you quickly.  Think about how you could accelerate learning to help you feel comfortable making change. Do you need skill? Could you hire someone to do this for you? Could you hire someone to help facilitate your accelerated learning? Do you have the systems or infrastructure in place to change?


Yay! You are doing the work.

Action Step:

Congratulations! You’ve done so much work to get to the point of doing the work and now you are here. Don’t underestimate this accomplishment. Many people never make it to this stage. Don’t give up at the first sign of struggle. In this stage, focus on refining your plan and stay open to new ideas to help you continue your work.


For many, this is the most challenging stage. This stage of change is characterized by maintaining gains you made in action.

Action Step:

Just like in action, you will need to continue to use your skills and remain open to new ideas so that you can continue to grow and flex and maintain your habit as your life changes.


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