Episode 07: Systems to Help Improve Your Productivity


In this weeks’ episode we’re tackling one of my favoirite topics— SYSTEMS!

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Key Takeaways

Professional Systems


  • Out of Office Auto Responder

    • This lets client’s know that you have their message in your inbox and that you will reply in a certain amount of time.

    • This is also a tool that you can use to answer frequently asked questions or point people to specific resources.  

    • Example:

Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I've received your email and I will do my best to respond within 48 hours.  Please keep in mind that I do not respond to email over the weekend.  If you're an existing client and  writing about time-sensitive or urgent information, please call me directly at 828-970-1651.  

I look forward to speaking with you soon.  

  • Canned Responses

    • All the praise hands for canned responses. This is a tool in GMAIL that lets you type a few words and populate an entire email.

    • I think that if you are writing an email more than once--- make a canned response for this today! You will save yourself so much time

    • Some good examples for when this is useful --- Initial client inquiries --- this can answer questions about the basics of working with you and it can point them to your scheduling tool or client management system

    • If you have an online course or sell a product and get the same questions over and over --- canned responses are great. Hey we are out of that size but we should restock in x time. You can personalize them if you want but you can also just spend time up front crafting fun emails

    • Examples:

Hey-Thanks so much for reaching out, 

It takes a lot of courage to take the first step, and sending me an email tells me some part of you is ready for change.

If you are ready to schedule your first appointment, you can do that by clicking HERE. I'll send you a few documents to fill out, and I'll collect initial payment information.  

If you have a few more questions and would like to set up an initial consultation call, you can do that by clicking HERE and selecting "initial consultation".  These calls are free of charge and offer both of us an opportunity to get to know each other. 

Here are a few common questions that might help:

Do you accept insurance? I am in network with BCBSNC. I am out of network with all other providers. I can explain more about using out of network benefits if that is something you are interested in.  

Do you offer a sliding scale?  I have a limited number of sliding scale options available for those who qualify through Open Path Collective.  

What type of therapy do you offer? I primarily use Cognitive Behavior Therapy and you can read a bit more about that HERE

When do you offer appointments? I offer appointments on Monday and Thursday evenings and I have limited availability on Saturdays.



Client Management System

    • Keep track of your clients (what they purchased, birth days, preferences for communication)

    • Send Contracts / Receive Contracts

    • House Emails

    • Send follow ups and invoices

    • Take Payments

Batch Like Tasks

    • Instagram posts together (30 days of posts, you could hire a photographer to take tons of photos of you, subscribe to a stock photo website like Haute Stock and use a tool like Planoly to schedule out all of your posts. It can even manage stories. They even let you auto post now so it could truly be something that you set and forget.  

    • Emails at a certain time of day or times of day.

    • Recording episodes

    • Editing etc.  

System for Managing Finances

    • Profit First --- Simple and easy to use

    • Bench to track receipts

    • CRM might keep track of transactions --- it also sends invoices.  



Google Drive/ Dropbox

    • Keep files organized


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