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Over the past few weeks as I have prepared to launch this podcast, I have been reflecting on my journey to this point.  Looking back, I realized that I have been dreaming of creating a podcast for the better part of two years. I reviewed old journals, read text messages and talked to my coach.  I looked back at an early version of my Power-sheets, a goal setting guide and journal, and I had “Start a Podcast” as one of my big ideas to pursue.

My ideas about what or who I wanted to talk to shifted here and there, but the overarching idea remained the same.   I have something to share, and I want to use podcasting to share it.

I’ve been living with depression and anxiety for the better part of a decade. My story is similar to many of my client’s stories. I had a good childhood. I was very successful in school. I am successful at work. I have relationships that bring me joy, AND I have been depressed and anxious for most of my twenties.  

Before going to school to become a therapist, I really believed that there was something wrong with me. Why couldn’t I just be happy?  “What’s the big deal, it’s just a dinner party. Don’t be so anxious.” “Calm down already!” “You can’t lay in bed all day” “Why are you getting so upset?”  

As I gained education, I began to understand that the way that I was feeling and thinking were “normal” for someone with depression and anxiety, and I simply needed to learn the tools to manage my symptoms. I learned that what I say to myself, the actions that I take and the way that I take care of myself has a major impact on how I feel and how I behave.  I’ve learned tons of tools to alter my thoughts and change the way that I experience my depressive and anxious symptoms. Over time, I gained control of my moods and was able to have more reliable energy.  

Then, I decided to start a private practice. This pushed me further out of my comfort zone than any other time I could remember. I was challenged in ways that I didn’t anticipate, and the skills that I had developed to take care of myself  weren’t measuring up to the new situations I was pushing myself into.

Again, I challenged myself to learn more and master new techniques for self-coaching and self-care.  

I still feel anxious, but I am able to practice courage. I still get depressed, but I bounce back faster (and I feel more “sane” during my down episodes).  I feel more in control of my mental health. My experience of my life is totally different as a result of the tools and techniques that I  practice.

I believe things can be different for you too.  

As an avid listener of podcasts, I know that I am not the first person to share what I know on the air. Heck, I’m not event the 1,000th.  I don’t have any grand ideas that I am new, or different, or revolutionary, but I’m not going to let that hold me back.

So often, I am not impacted by what is being shared, but by the person sharing, and my guess is that many of my listeners will feel the same.  

Each week, I’ll draw on my expertise as a board certified therapist to share actionable education, practical strategies and encouragement to help creative entrepreneurs improve their mental health and achieve their biggest business goals.  

I’d love it if you joined me on this journey.

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Carolyn Marie Photography

Hey! I'm Samantha Osborne, a board certified counselor and host of the Creative Psych Podcast.  I launched this show to help people just like you move from stuck to free.  Want to connect? Come say hello on Instagram or email me at It makes my day to hear from listeners!