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This is for you if you are ready to stop feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and start treating yourself right.  

This might be you:

  • You feel overwhelmed or exhausted most of the time.  
  • You are forgetful or have a nagging feeling that you have dropped the ball on something important.
  • You feel that you are way behind and you will never catch up.
  • You eat protein bars or drink smoothies (on good days) because you don't have time for a real meal.
  • You rarely see your friends or family members.
  • You wonder how much longer you can keep all of this going.  


    You might believe:

    • That you don't have enough time or energy to take care of yourself
    • That you need special knowledge or skills to manage your anxiety or depression
    • That you have to do everything on your own



    Self-Care is  a word that gets tossed around a lot in the mental health space. Self-Care may sound stuffy or complicated, but it is really just a way of talking about taking care of yourself physically, socially, and emotionally.  In this short email series, I will teach about the different aspects of wellness and show you how to create daily practices that will support you in improving all aspects of your life one small step at a time.  

    If you have been wanting to make your overall wellness a priority, but didn't know where to start, you are in the right place. I will help you create a roadmap to a calmer, more manageble life (no matter how much you have on your plate).  

    This is not your typical wellness email course.  This is NOT “one size fits all”  collection of lists about self-care.  

    This is an honest to goodness self-care course that will help you create a self-care toolkit from start to finish.  

    What is Included?

    • A  Personalised Long-Term Self-Care Plan 
    • A Personalised Emergency Self-Care Plan 
    • Flexible time management strategies that will help you put some breathing room into your schedule or manage your time more effectively to get more done.  (You choose! This is NOT a one size fits all program).  
    • Journaling prompts to help you get a handle on where you are now and where you want to be.  
    • Values Clarification Tool to help you align your Self-Care Plan with your deepest held values.  
    • Deep Dive into the 5 Main Domains of Self-Care 
    • Bonus material to help you get the most out of the tools provided!

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