Cognitive Behavior Therapist: Asheville, NC

You've landed here because you want to know if I can help you.  You want to know if I'm qualified to provide therapy.  You may have some "How long has she been doing this anyway?" questions.  

Here's the thing, reading my resume won't tell you if I "get it".  Learning more about my education and credentials will not tell you what its really like to work with me. For that, you need to know more about the clients that I work with.  

Most of my clients are intelligent, successful professionals who feel stuck. They've tried to "fix" the problems that they are facing on their own, but they haven't achieved the results they were looking for. They hate wasting their time, and they show up for therapy ready to work toward solutions.  They prefer to work partner with me in treatment rather than taking a passive role.  They appreciate my interactive, open and evidence based approach to therapy.  

I'm not a smile and nod therapist. I don't have a dark office filled with bead walls,  waterfalls, and zen gardens (no offence meant to therapists that do!).   I won't whisper, or scrunch up my face and look like I feel sorry for you.  I won't waste your time with strategies that don't work. 

I will treat you with respect, and I will challenge and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.  You can get better. I know you can.  

I became interested in mental health after struggling to manage my own depression and anxiety. Through this experience, I learned (and I am still learning), that mental health and happiness rarely happen by accident. Having a fun, happy and healthy life takes practice and intention.   

When I am not at the office, I love to listen to podcasts, discover new restaurants around town, and hike around the Blue Ridge with my partner and our dog.  

Still have questions? Let's set up a time to talk more specifically about your situation. 

Professional Background

M.S./ EdS. Couples and Family Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Therapy: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
BA. Sociology and Interpersonal and Organizational Communication: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

License/ Certifications
Board Certified Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist

As a counselor, I have worked in a variety of settings, but I am most passionate about working with professionals with depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders.  The following experience is most closely associated with this interest

Intake and Basic Mental Health Supervisor: Asheville, NC
Intake Coordinator and Therapist: Men's Substance Use Residential Treatment Facility: Asheville, NC
Community Support Team Lead: Asheville, NC
Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Counselor (Intern): Greensboro, NC
Peer Career Ambassador: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Student Academic Success Course Instructor: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Counselor: Vacc Counseling and Consulting Clinic: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro