Getting Grounded: 5 Simple Tasks You Can Do to Bring You Back to the Present


We've all been there. Your mind is racing from one thought to the next, from one task to the next.  You can't stop thinking about something you wish you could stop thinking about.  You can't forget something you desperately want to forget.  Your mind is full to the brim and you just. need. space.

Here are a five really simple things you can do right now,or anytime really, to connect you back to the here and now.

1. Name ten things in the room.

2. Pick one of those things and describe it in detail without judgement.  So, you wouldn't say,  "That is a beautiful picture." You would just describe the object using as much factual detail as possible.

3. Choose an object that you can pick up and describe its texture, shape, color, weight, etc.

4. If there are words in your space, start at the end of the word or phrase and name each letter.  "Nervous"  would   sound like "S" "U" "O"  etc.

5. Describe the sent of three objects around you in detail. 

Focusing your mind in on these specific tasks can let you clear some clutter.  Though simple, these tasks can help divert your attention long enough to allow you to choose to focus on something else.

I want to here from you. What are some things that you do to bring you back into the present moment? How do you create mental head space?



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