How to Create a Self-Care Kit Using All 5 Senses

As I walk further into the year, I find myself wearing down. It seems like I have more responsibilities and less time in which to accomplish them.  As a counselor, I encourage the people I work with to make caring for themselves a priority.  However, I feel challenged to take what I share with others and make it a personal practice.

In an effort to practice what I teach, I thought that I would share an easy way to find relaxation.

To start, make a list of things that you enjoy in each sense category. Here are a couple of things from my list as a reference:

  • Sound: Rustling leaves, ocean waves, summer rain storm, Top 40 music,
  • Sight: Candle flame, changing leaves, mountains, ocean front, big open fields, the J.Crew catalog, cuddly animals
  • Smell: Cinnamon apple candles, my shampoo, oatmeal lotion
  • Taste: Hot tea, milk chocolate, pumpkin muffin, blueberry muffin, watermelon
  • Touch:  Hot bath, cozy blanket, warm sun, cool morning air, fuzzy socks, cozy clothes

The next time you are in a stressful situation, you can go to your list and pick out a couple of items to calm the feelings of stress. Sometimes just looking at the list is enough to put you in a calm, relaxed state.  

If you want to make a "kit" to take with you, collect some of the items that travel well, and assemble them in a pouch or a bag that you can put in your car, your desk or your bag.  When you are feeling stretched or overwhelmed, take a break and use an item in the kit to travel to your "happy place."  Using the list above, my travel kit might include pop music on my phone, a scenic desktop background, a mini travel lotion in my favorite scent, hot chocolate packets tucked in my desk, and a soft sweater.   

The list I included is just a small sample of a much longer list. I plan to incorporate at least one of the activities/ experiences on my list every week for the rest of the year.


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